William Douglas Property Management has provided quality Atlanta Association Management Services to thresidential property management companye Southeast since 1980.
We exclusively manage Homeowner Associations, Condominium Owner Associations, and Commercial Condominium Owner Associations.

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William Douglas Management takes pride in the experience and professionalism of its Atlanta Association Management Services.
We are a results-driven company where our primary goal is to provide excellent Association Accounting Services to our Clients.

Strong financial practices are the cornerstone of any organization. From our experience we understand that if a property is being operated with strong fiscal accountability, the membership are more positive and property values are higher.

Find a list of management services provided by Atlanta homeowners associations below:

1. Contract Oversight

This includes routine examination of facilities and common areas to ensure they the maintenance requirements. Practicing these examinations helps to keep up the appearance of a condominium or homeowners association. The services include contract oversight, vendor bidding, and contract negotiation. Our management company excels at such tasks because we know the local providers, how reliable they are and their reputation.

The manager of the company ensures a well-detailed work specification to secure the most affordable bids to do the work. The manager will also ensure that similar information is distributed to all the bidders.

Services Community Managers Provide To Maintain And Improve The Property Of The Association

• Contractor oversight.
• Visits to the property and examinations.
• Management of Association employees.
• Negotiations with vendors.
• Insurance Administration.
• Management of facilities maintenance.

2. Effective Communication

Our HOA property Management Company chooses the community manager with the right communications skills and experience to work in the most effective ways with your homeowner’s association. Our community manager ensures that every phone call and email are responded to as quickly as possible, and  works to keep all reports and correspondence up-to-date.

Our manager communicates with residents to help them understand the issues facing the community thereby building support for Board decisions. Respectful communication works to resolve specific questions and maintain courteous relations in the community. We also coordinate with attorneys and government officials on behalf of the Board.

3. Accounting, Postings and Verification Services

Atlanta Association Accounting Services Include:

Assistance with Annual Budget:

  • Planning for normal operating expenses
  • Using our experience to help prevent budget shortfalls
  • Setting up replacement reserves


  • Provide coupon books
  • Provide lock-box through bank
  • Late fee collections
  • Uniform and fair collections process
  • Coordinate with Attorney when necessary
  • Auto-draft available at no charge
  • Online dues payment options

Maintain Bank Accounts:

  • No monthly service charges
  • No lock-box processing fees
  • Interest rate monitoring for best rates

Prepare Monthly Reports:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement with budget variances
  • Reserve Accounts status
  • Check Register
  • Delinquent Accounts

Assist with Annual Audit:

  • Obtain 3 quotes from outside CPA Firms for Audit or Review
  • Obtain 3 quotes from outside CPA Firms for Tax Filing

4. Vendor Management

Our property management company uses a standard practice that require W-9’s from homeowner’s association vendors to avoid potential fines. We consistently enforce the proof of insurance to protect against lawsuits. Notices of commencement are required for certain major projects. These notices ensure that payments are properly released to contractors. The detailed procedure prevents possible double payment for a single work contracted.

5. Improve Collections

Our association management company employs a strategy that ensures reduction of delinquent account rates and increased proportion of recovered debts. We have an aggressive collection effort that includes monthly reminder notices. We also provide monthly collection reports.
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