Hilton Head Property Management

WM Douglas’ Hilton Head property management offers long-term management services to real estate investments in South Carolina. Our property management company in Hilton Head Island, SC offers support services to community associations and provides condos to the locals. Our primary support services provided include: vendor coordination, annual budgeting, accounting management, code enforcement, contract and lease administration management.

Most customers prefer using our company’s services because of the benefit: our company has professionals who are friendly, helpful, reliable, and delivers high-quality services to their clients. As well, our association management company uses customers’ suggestions and complaints to improve their services; therefore, increasing customers’ confidence when using their services.

Hilton Head Property Management Goals

Unlike any other property management companies, our Hilton Head Island property management offers agency services to an investor. And the primary goal is to increase the investor’s net operating income by reducing operation expenses of the assets being managed. It will only be possible if the agency staff collects rents on time, identifying reliable tenants and providing maintenance services for tenants living in the property. However, to gain more knowledge and experience on effective and efficient property management, the company has initiated a framework on how to approach and benchmark some of the best performing real estate investors and managers. Thus, the information gathered from successful companies gives our property management team an added advantage because it helps them know some areas where they have some weaknesses and make prior improvement of the same.

Hilton Head Island Property Management Services

The following are some of the services offered…

1. We identify if a particular tenant qualifies for services

It is the work of our management agency to determine if a resident meets the company’s tenancy qualifications. And some factors to consider when renting a house to a tenant include; his/her credit worthiness, check for any past fraud cases, criminal background, and his/her eviction records.

2. Rental Collection Services

Our company has to identify a central office where rent is collected. However, our company can also devise alternative methods of collecting rents from clients online.

3. Tenant Relations

It’s crucial for us to have a customer service specialist, who will receive tenant’s calls and give immediate responses. However, this client service professional should be able to provide solutions to customer’s complaints.

4. Effective communication

The agency should also keep the owner informed on issues touching on property and changes in the market prize of the property.

5. Repairs and Maintenance Services

Tenants will prefer to live in a well-maintained house; therefore, it’s the work of our company’s concern to ensure that the property is in good condition. However, if there is a need for repair and maintenance, then the owner of the asset must be informed.


For reliable and affordable rental houses, feel free to contact us and get the best services.

We, at WM Douglas, take pride in the experience and professionalism of Hilton Head Property Management Services. From contracting for maintenance and repairs to developing procedures, sending notices, and keeping records of legal documents, WM Douglas remains perpetually on top of the game.

Hilton Head Island Property Management Services Include:

  • Attend Board meetings

  • Invite, analyze bids and make recommendations to the Board.

  • Contract for maintenance, repairs, additions, and improvements or alterations to common areas.

  • Develop procedures to enable residents to make suggestions or complaints.

  • Send notices, arrange and check in attendance to annual meeting, and support the Board in conducting the meeting.

  • Keep records of legal documents, Financial data, member rosters, minutes, etc.

  • Provide 24 hour/7 days a week emergency service.

  • Support enforcement of Rules and Regulations and architectural review violations.

Hilton Head Property Management Office
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Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
Tel 843.476.4952
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