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William Douglas Property Management has been providing quality hoa management services and property management services to areas around Charlotte, North Carolina. Our property managers and community association managers do various things to take care of the property to preserve its leasing value.


Maintenance Owning a property usually implies that, as a proud owner, you are entirely responsible in ensuring that everything is maintained in a perfectly working condition, including the roof, locks, windows, appliances and so much more. This in turn will require an enormous amount of knowledge on how such things are supposed to operate. Instead of hiring contractors from time to time, you can always use WM Douglas to oversee your property.
Forms and Reporting

We cannot deny the fact that taxes usually give us headaches and will vary from place to place depending on the location of your property. A Charlotte property management company will not only assist you in each and every process but will also assist you in knowing what type of deductions you will be able to claim. We also exclusively manage community homeowners associations, condominium owner associations, commercial condominium owner associations, and provide financial management services.

Charlotte Property Management Services Include:

Attend Board meetings
Invite, analyze bids and make recommendations to the Board.
Contract for maintenance, repairs, additions, and improvements or alterations to common areas.
Develop procedures to enable residents to make suggestions or complaints.

Send notices, arrange and check in attendance to annual meeting, and support the Board in conducting the meeting.
Keep records of legal documents, Financial data, member rosters, minutes, etc.
Provide 24 hour/7 days a week emergency service.
Support enforcement of Rules and Regulations and architectural review violations.

Financial services

Contact our knowledgeable team members today to explore the many ways that William Douglas Property Management can cut your stress and save you time. We make life simpler for you while simultaneously increasing your profit margins over the long run. Let us take care of the non-core functions of your business and maintain meticulous financial records for all dealings.
William Douglas Property Management’s services offer all of the skills and resources necessary to streamline the efficiency of your operation. We exclusively specialize in providing innovative, proactive community and commercial association management services. We also save you energy, time and frustration by performing a full line of financial services.

It’s what we have specialized in now for more than 30 years. Call us right away in at (704) 347-8900.

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