Since 1980, our Greenville, SC property management service has been professionally managing HOAs, Condo Associations, and Town Home Associations. We provide a wide range of service including full management, covenant enforcement or financial management only.
Our responsibilities for full management include: General and Administrative, Collections/Disbursements, Deficit Funding/ Financial Reports, Budgets, Architectural Review and Compliance, Maintenance, and Contracts of the Association, as well as providing important community information to homeowners.

Commercial Services

A good management company helps a Commercial Assocation’s board of directors by enforcing all association bylaws, collecting dues, maintaining the overall value of the property, and keeping the owners well-informed. WM Douglas is one of the leading association management firms in the Carolinas. Don’t hire a Residential Management Company to do the work of a Commercial Management Associaton. We specialize in the management of Medical Office Associations, Retail Center Associations, Office Park Associations and more.

Financial Services

Managing finances properly takes experience and commitment when it comes to property management. William Douglas Property Management will assist the Board in the preparation of a budget that includes annual operations budget as well as long-term budget for capital improvements and replacement reserves. We will collect homeowners dues, assessments, late fees and user fees, pay association invoices and much more.

Why Choose William Douglas Property Management

The professionals at William Douglas Property Management have been providing the highest standards of Community and Commercial Association Management services since 1980. WM Douglas takes pride in the experience and professionalism of its Greenville Property Management Services. From contracting for maintenance and repairs to developing procedures, sending notices, and keeping records of legal documents, WM Douglas remains perpetually on top of the game.

William Douglas Property Management is a reliable partner who understands your needs, knows how to get things done, anticipates issues and concerns, and who has a track record of finding reliable solutions. On top of that…we’re affordable and ready to help your Association.

Reliable Responsive to Info and Maintenance Requests
Complete Accurate Financial Reports
Experts in Association Management

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