Homeowner Association Board Meeting Basics

The objective of any homeowner association board of directors meeting should be to accomplish association business in a proper and efficient manner.

Scope of Meeting:  Issues that only fall within the authority of the association should be addressed.  Agenda topics should not be too broad to prevent fruitful discussion and decision making.

Agenda:  The meeting agenda should be written and distributed to board members well in advance of the scheduled meeting: this will allow the board members to prepare for the discussion and decision process.

Once the agenda is presented and set, the president or chairman should not allow deviation from the agenda.  Not following the agenda leads to “chasing rabbits” and other time-wasting endeavors.

The most effective method of maximizing an agenda is to set times beside each item.  Setting time limits allows more items to be covered and prevents one item from unfairly dominating the board’s time.

Meeting Start Time:  Meetings must be “Called to Order” by the president or chairman and a quorum established in a reasonable amount of time from when the meeting was scheduled to begin.  If there is no quorum there is no meeting.  Once a board meeting has begun the president or the chairman should proceed according to the agenda; if a director is late, it is out of order to go back and cover prior agenda items once they have been covered.

Meeting End Time:  If a meeting is conducted efficiently it should last from 45 minutes to two hours at the very most.  It is important for everyone to realize that the board members are volunteers and long meetings have been cited as why people leave HOA boards or do not wish to serve.

Meeting Minutes:  It goes without saying that minutes of any board meeting must be taken.  Motions must be noted along with who made the motion and seconded the motion and how the entire board voted.

Official Business:  Board meetings should not be used for socializing or any other non association matters.  It is important to remember that board meetings are legal proceedings and non related issues can cloud agenda issues.

Board Meeting Preparation:  Reviewing the agenda, financials, and bids well before a meeting will improve discussion and decision making.

Summary:   When homeowner association board meetings are operated in an efficient manner discussion time and decision making are maximized and as a benefit everyone’s time is maximized.


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