Communication When Disasters Strike’s The HOA

Planning for disaster is one of those tasks that unfortunately seems to be put on a backburner. Out of sight, out of mind, is human nature with non-pressing issues. As with any emergency or potentially stressful situation, preparation maybe more difficult when the situation is upon the HOA member. That is why planning well beforehand is so vital to a successful outcome to disasters.


While there is no guarantee of any disaster planning, the following tips could be of benefit to the HOA membership in the event of a disaster.


– Maintain a corded telephone landline, it could possibly work even in the event of power lose.


– Maintain an emergency phone list.


– Maintain a list of family contact information along with nonlocal family members who can service as an emergency contact.


– Maintain spare batteries and car phone chargers for back-up power.


– Signup for text alert services from local or state governments for emergency alerts.


– Social media, e-mail, and text messaging may not be subject to network congestion and may be more reliable in a disaster.