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Located on the Atlantic ocean Myrtle Beach, South Carolina boasts an incredible climate and attractive beach. Situated in Horry County, Myrtle Beach is a desirable vacation destination as well as a charming place to call home. With a population of over 32,000, Myrtle Beach offers that tight-knit community feel to its residents and visitors. In order for Myrtle Beach to keep up appearances, it’s important that property values remain consistent, if not increase. Oftentimes homeowners do not have the time, energy or the means to keep up with maintenance, and choose to live in communities that are run by homeowners associations. In communities run by associations, residents can lean on their board of directors to help oversee operations and keep property values up.

At William Douglas, we aim to provide top-tier customer service, detailed financial care, clear communication, and management processes that work alongside the Board and allow members to have the time needed to tend to the community.

If you are looking for full-service community association management contact our team at (843) 492-0088  or email us at info@wmdouglas.com to request a proposal. Our team is excited to see how we can help your community.

In addition to the community of Myrtle Beach, William Douglas also services the areas nearby including Cherry Grove, Conway, Murrells Inlet, as well as Atlantic, Litchfield, and Surfside Beach. Throughout our years, we’ve learned that no two communities are the same, and your location may determine which types of management plans would serve you best. Aside from the general maintenance, taxes, and legal doings that come along with HOA property management, William Douglas can tailor plans to fit your community’s unique needs. 

The board of directors we work with are given access to real-time financial data through state of the art property management software. An association-dedicated website allows your board to communicate directly with the membership, create event calendars, review architectural requests, upload documents, and more!

We at William Douglas desire to help manage the condominiums as well as see homeowners associations because we desire to see your association’s boom just as the tourism and population is booming. Running a community can be intimidating, but with the help of a company like William Douglas it doesn’t have to be.

When you work with William Douglas, residents will easily be able to:

Make Payments

View Documents

Create Work Orders

Pay Association Invoices

Submit ACC Requests

View & Print Violations

View & Print Payment History

Access the Community Calendar

William Douglas Management is a leader in management technology—offering real time remote access to association records for Board members. The board of directors will receive monthly financial statements, access to bank statements, and provided with general ledgers. Members will also be able to view transaction histories, violations, and community letters. At William Douglas we also offer customized websites that allow board members and residents to communicate efficiently. 

Feeling overwhelmed?  Don’t worry! William Douglas has the resources to make the transition as smooth as possible. If you are in the Myrtle Beach or surrounding areas, contact us at (843) 492-0088 or email us at info@wmdouglas.com so we can help your community reach its full potential today. 

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Enjoy better, affordable and a more reliable, hassle-free management system. 


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