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William Douglas

welcome introduce what our firm has to offer.

Founded in 1980, we are a results-driven
association management company.

William Douglas

we welcome this opportunity to introduce what our firm has to offer

Founded in 1980, we are a results-driven association management company. Our primary goal, since our inception, has been to provide excellent association management services, with the ultimate goal of increasing the overall property values within the communities we manage.


Founded in 1980, William Douglas Management has the experience and expertise that your homeowner association needs and deserves. We encounter boards that feel their issues and problems are unique; however, with over 40 years of association management experience, we are certain we have dealt with almost all situations that a homeowner association could encounter and we are certain we can help your homeowner association.


Our superior customer service has been one of the keys to our success and is how we differentiate ourselves from other management firms. This superior customer service begins with our commitment to communications with our clients. Proactive and timely communications with our boards and with our individual homeowners is vital to the smooth operations of a homeowner association. Our Association Managers and our Homeowner Services Department log all inbound and outbound telephone calls which allow us to provide our boards with these detailed telephone logs. Another example of our commitment to proactive communications is that our highly trained Association Managers attend board meetings and provide guidance on an array of homeowner association matters.

Our Team

Our team members are highly trained professionals who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. While many management companies consider training an expense, our company considers training a long-term investment. While employee turnover in our industry is taken for granted by many, William Douglas Management has taken proactive steps in addressing this by selective hiring, training, and retention programs. With these efforts, turnover has been reduced to well under industry norms.

Cost Containment

From our competitive vendor bid processes to our proactive approach to association management, our clients know their funds are being spent wisely. We have delinquent membership assessment processes that improve the homeowner association’s collections and reduce delinquencies. We feel cost containment and maximizing the homeowner association’s funds are vital to the well-being of all associations.


Our superior management processes are enhanced by our advanced technology and systems.  We utilize a state-of-the-art association management software system that improves our team members’ efficiency and overall customer service.  This software also allows our client boards to have remote access to our systems.  This remote access allows boards to view their real-time data on our system such as violation letters mailed, accounts payable, delinquent accounts, ARC/ACC requests, etc.

Systematic Management Transition

We manage every aspect of the transition from your current management company to our company. We make this process seamless, and the board does not have to be involved with their current management company unless they so choose. We initiate contact with current management and obtain membership, financial, and vendor information and begin the membership notification process. We pick up and store all records. We make this process seamless and painless for our clients.

Chris Gilleland

Our Industry Expert

Chris Gilleland has been the president of William Douglas Management, Inc. since 2003. He received a BA in Business Management from North Carolina State University and is the author of two books on homeowner associations: In the Arena – The Board of Director’s Guide to the Successful Operation of a Homeowners Association and Hot Seat: The Practical Guide to a Homeowner Association Annual Meeting. With over twenty-five years of industry experience and two successful publications, Chris is an industry expert.


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