Ding Dong Ditch

HOAs are a microcosm of society and are subject to the trends or fads that affect the rest of society. Some trends or fads are harmless, such as bellbottoms. A trend that has been popping up in some communities, ding dong ditch.

The prank known as ding dong ditch has probably been around ever since the invention of the doorbell. In the simplest form, the game involves at least one prankster ringing a homeowner’s doorbell and then hides or runs away. The homeowner being confused or angry is the object of the prankster.

The plot of ding dong ditch is subject to variation and escalation. Pranksters make the prank even more interesting by the use of props. One of the most common being infamous bag of excrement. In this more impactful version, the prankster will place a paper bag containing excrement in front of the homeowner’s door and set it on fire. When the homeowner answers the doorbell, they may instinctively step on the flaming bag to put the fire out, thus spreading the excrement or other foul substance on the homeowner.


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