jamestown nc property managementWilliam Douglas Management is a home owners association Jamestown communities can count on to offer them results they will be pleased with. We have been providing our management services to communities since 1980 and since this time, we have built a great name for ourselves. At WM Douglas, we offer a hoa manager Jamestown communities can rely on to keep things running smoothly. Our team of property management specialists will help the communities to run efficiently in a way that helps them save money. We also make sure to keep the lines of communications open which keeps everything running the way it should.

We offer hoa management Jamestown communities can see the benefits of each day. We take care of both small and large issues with a sense of urgency and this helps to keep everything running well. Along with providing hoa Jamestown management, we also offer commercial property management Jamestown area commercial associations can count on. These commercial associations include strip malls, office buildings, shopping centers, educational facilities, and others.

  • Jamestown HOA Association Management
  • Jamestown Townhome Association Management
  • Jamestown Condo Association Management

Jamestown Property Management Services Include:

WM Douglas has hoa property managers Jamestown communities can trust to help them achieve a level of excellence any community would be proud of. When it comes to managing a community properly, every task is equally as important as the next. Our management team has the experience to treat each task with the attention to detail it deserves and the end result is a great community with much to offer. WM Douglas handles all those managerial tasks such sending out notices, keeping records, contracting for repair and maintenance issues, etc. When we are the hoa property management company Jamestown communities choose, those communities end up offering the ultimate environment with many benefits.

Jamestown Property Management Services Include:

  • Attending the Board meetings.

  • Sending out notices.

  • Tracking attendance to the annual meetings.

  • Assisting with the Board meetings.

  • Offering support with the conducting of meetings.

  • Analyzing bids in order to provide solid recommendations to the Board.

  • Putting procedures in place which allow residents to voice complaints and offer suggestions.

  • Contracting for such issues as repairs and maintenance.

  • Providing 24/7 emergency services.

  • Supporting the enforcement of the rules and regulations.

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