kannapolis nc property managementWilliam Douglas Management is an association management company that has been around the Kannapolis, NC for 34 years. They provide elite management services a number of community associations. This long list of affiliations means that they are an experienced and versatile property management company. WM Douglas takes great pride in its’ reputation as a professional company that reliably manages properties of all types.

No matter which of these properties you own you can count on quality service from experienced professionals. WM Douglas provides all the services needed to maintain a property and help it excel. These services include:

  • Contract maintenance for general upkeep or improvements needed to any part of the property.

  • Establish procedures for communication of residential complaints or commendations.

  • Arrange meetings, confirm attendance, and assist the Board in running efficient and regular meetings.

  • Keep legal records, financial data, member rosters, and minutes of meetings.

  • 24/7 emergency service.

  • Support enforcement of Rules and Regulations and architectural review violations.

In order for your property to run the way it should you will need to employ a property management company that can provide these essential services. WM Douglas can provide these services and more for any of the following:

  • Homeowner Associations.
  • Condominium Owner Associations.
  • Commercial Condominium Owner Associations.

The value of capable community association management Kannapolis cannot be understated. You need to know that your property and investment is being managed properly. From legal notices, financial data, and meeting recordings to maintenance, repairs, and upgrades property management is a huge job. WM Douglas is a premier property management company in Kannapolis, NC that provide all the services needed to manage any type of community association effectively. Whether you need improvements in financial management, property upkeep, or Board communication WM Douglas has the know how and resources to provide.

The Kannapolis, NC area is a great place to live and own property. WM Douglas is on the top in this area because of a dedication to improving Kannapolis properties and maintaining a reputation as one of the best in the business.

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