Life Expectancy Planning

While HOA boards should rely on professional reserve studies for long term planning, having a general idea of product life cycles can possibly assist with annual budgeting. Even with a professional reserve study there are no guarantees on life cycles. This is because of extenuating circumstances such as environment, use, installation, and a myriad of other issues.


These extenuating circumstances cannot only vary from regions of the country, but possibly one city block to another city block. For example, water supply lines can have their life cycles drastically reduced by water pressure and how a municipality mediates these affects can vary from block to block. Another example is with water quality and the effects that has on water heaters and boilers. Hard water not only shortens water heater life cycles, it damages other appliances that have to content with this factor.


Asphalt/Fiberglass Shingles    12-25 years

Flexible Membrane Roof        15-20 years

Slate Roofs                              30-75 years

Galvanized Pipes                    20-30 years

Copper Pipes                          20-60 years

PVC Pipes                              30-80 years

Gas Furnace                            15-20 years

Heat Pump                              12-17 years

Refrigerator                             15-20 years

Water heater                            8-12 years

Electric Range                         10-12 years

Gas Ranges                             13-15 years

Clothes Dryer                         10-13 years

Clothes Washer                       10-13 years

Microwave Ovens                  7-9 years

Carpet                                     5-7 years

Furniture                                 5-7 years

Concrete                                  30-50 years

Asphalt Paving                       25-35 years

Painting                                   4-6 years

Boiler                                      15-20 years

Sewer Lines (Cast-iron)          35 Years

Sewer Lines (PVC)                 45-60 years

Water Lines                             25 Years

Sidewalks (Concrete)              35-40 years

Decks (Treated Wood)           10-13 years

Fences (Painted Wood)           13-15 years



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