Salt Water Pools

Pool maintenance costs being one of the largest budget items for an HOA, a saltwater pool may help to lower expenses. A salt water or saltwater pool is a swimming pool, which is filled with a mild salt solution. Many companies that install pools can construct salt water pools and outfit them with the necessary sanitization systems, and these pools can vary radically in size from small lap pools to large community pools used for recreation. Swimmers sometimes enjoy saltwater pools because the water feels softer and gentler than that in some other types of pools.


Salt-water pools are not chlorine free, but it is not necessary to add chlorine to the pool. Instead, using a device known as a chlorine generator, the pool makes its own chlorine products for hygiene though electrolysis, which breaks down the salt. Periodically, salt must be added to the pool to keep the salt solution strong enough for the chlorine generator to work. When a salt-water pool is maintained properly, it should stay clean and safe to use, and it lacks the strong odor associated with chlorinated pools.


Setting up a salt-water pool can be expensive, as the chlorine generator and associated equipment can be costly. However, the salt used is significantly less expensive than chlorine additives for pools, which can save money in the long term. The pool will also require cleaning and maintenance, just like any other pool, and people who use pool services may want to confirm that their service is accustomed to working with salt water pools.



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