10 Conflict Resolution Strategies for HOA Board Members

10 Conflict Resolution Strategies for HOA Board Members

Serving on a HOA board of directors can be challenging at times. Resolving conflicts, big and small, can be a part of the board member’s responsibilities.

  1. When emotions run high, the parties should separate and take time to cool off.
  2. Attack the problem, not the person. Move beyond personalities.
  3. It is acceptable to express views vigorously, but not harshly. Express views without judging the other person.
  4. Focus on the problem, don’t chase rabbits.
  5. All parties need to respect the opinions of others and work to develop middle ground.
  6. An effective tactic is to begin discussions with areas of mutual agreement and work backwards into the area of disagreement.
  7. Parties must listen to one another without interrupting.
  8. Let the past be the past and avoid bringing up past issues. Keep the discussions in the present.
  9. Never approach the problem as a competition, with a winner and a loser. A win-win resolution is more tenable over time.
  10. It goes without saying, be as polite as possible and demand the same from the other party.


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