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Basic HOA Homeowner Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

A home being most people’s biggest investment, a basic preventive maintenance schedule for this home is analogous to routinely checking a retirement plan to make sure the plan is working properly.


This basic preventive maintenance schedule has monthly, quarterly, semiannual, and annual tasks to complete. One of the best methods to accomplish these preventive maintenance tasks it to put automatic reminders in MS Outlook, Google Calendar, or other app that put these tasks on cruise control. Handing preventive maintenance in this fashion will turn this into a routine habit.


Monthly preventive maintenance:


– Test smoke detectors.


– Test carbon monoxide detectors.


– Check fire extinguishers to insure up to date and fully pressurized.


– Walk entire house and look for spots on the ceiling that could be indications of a roof leak or leaking pipe.


– Replace HVAC air filters. Changing air filter extends the life of the HVAC system. Saves up to 15% on energy consumption when changed regularly. And improves home air quality.


– Check outside dryer vent for lint buildup and run dryer to insure free airflow to outside.


Quarterly preventive maintenance:


– Walk the exterior of home and check gutters to see if cleaning is needed.


Semi Annual:


– Change the batteries in smoke detectors.


– Change the batteries in carbon monoxide detectors.


Annual Preventive maintenance:


– Hire professional chimney cleaner to clean chimney


– Clean dryer vent. (Dryer vent may need to be cleaned more often depending on level of use)


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