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Jamestown, NC Facts and Information

Jamestown is a municipality located in Guilford County. Jamestown is situated south of Greensboro and north of the City of High Point. Jamestown is essentially surrounded by Greensboro and High Point. 

The coordinates of Jamestown per Google Earth – Latitude: 35°59′39.51″N, Longitude: 79°56′07.10″ W

The elevation above sea level per Google Earth on the coordinates noted above: 806 feet. 

Per the United States Census, the population estimate for 2019 for Jamestown was 4,487. 

Per the 2010 United States Census, the population of Jamestown was calculated to be 3,382.

Per the 1880 United States Census, the first Census for Jamestown, the population was calculated to be 90.

The home of Dr. Madison Lindsay in Jamestown was the first medical school established in North Carolina. The school was in operation from 1820 until 1830.

The Coffin Medical School at Jamestown was the second medical school established in North Carolina. The school was in operation from 1840 until 1855, under the direction of Dr. Shubal G. Coffin.

Dr. Shubal Coffin’s next home in Jamestown was used for the last meeting of the Confederate government in 1865.

Mendenhall Plantation in Jamestown was a “station” in the “Underground Railroad,” helping escaped slaves flee north to safety.

The Jamestown Friends Meeting House was erected in 1812.  

Jamestown – Early History

Jamestown was named for James Joseph Mendenhall (1718-1782). James Mendenhall and his wife Hannah Thomas Mendenhall (1716-1792) received a land grant from the Earl of Granville for what is now Jamestown. James Mendenhall belonged to the third generation of those who came to the “New World” with William Penn. 

James and Hannah Mendenhall were members of the Religious Society of Friends, also commonly known as Quakers. The Religious Society of Friends was founded in England around the 1640s by George Fox (1624– 1691). Fox and the Quakers, in general, were persecuted for their beliefs which revolved around the belief that the presence of God exists in every human being. Quakers did not have designated or official clergy. Nor do Quakers have elaborate religious ceremonies. However, they did believe in spiritual equality for both sexes. Quakers began arriving in the North American colonies in the mid-1650s, and they eventually played a role in the abolitionist moment.

In 1762, James, Hannah, and their three children, Griffith Mendenhall (1740-1794), Elijah Mendenhall (1749-1781), George Mendenhall (1751-1805), and Hannah Thomas Mendenhall (1757-1800), traveled from Chester, County, Pennsylvania to their land grant that would eventually become known as Jamestown. When they arrived, they constructed a simple cabin and later enlarged this cabin to meet their domestic needs. Newspaper accounts state the chimney of this cabin stood for a long time in High Point Lake like a “lone sentinel.” The lake had engulfed the former Mendenhall homestead.  

James Mendenhall named Jamestown as early as 1770. Besides being a very devote Quaker, he was a very hardworking and industrious person. He constructed a grist mill and a sawmill in Jamestown. James turned these operations over to his son George Mendenhall and then moved with his wife to Georgia, where he died in 1782. His widow Judith moved back to Jamestown and lived with her son George and his wife Judith Gardner Mendenhall (1756-1831). The Mendenhall family was very influential in Jamestown’s social, economic, and spiritual development and the surrounding areas.  

The Quakers initiated the Manumission Society of North Carolina, and it was dedicated to the abolishment of slavery. 

Dr. Shubal Coffin Medical School in the Coffin House on U.S. 29A

Richard Mendenhall Plantation 

Richard Mendenhall Store 

Jamestown Friends Meeting House

Potters Log Cabin on U.S. 29A constructed in 1811

Dr. Shubal Coffin House

Mark Iddings House constructed in 1826

Dr. Madison Lindsay’s Medical School in U.S. 29A 

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