Motion – Six Step Process

Properly making motions is crucial to the operation of a HOA board meeting. The motion process has to be followed to take action on board decisions.



STEP 1: A member is recognized by Chair, and makes a motion;

Common Mistake: Does not wait to be recognized and starts to discuss the motion before completing STEP 2, 3, and 4 below.


STEP 2: Another member seconds motion;

Common Mistake: The person seconding the motion dives into the merits of the motion.


STEP 3: The Chair restates the motion;

Common Mistake: Motion is restated differently from the wording of the maker. The motion that is adopted is the one stated by the Chair.


STEP 4: The members debate the motion;

Common Mistake: Debate gets out of control in duration and relevance. Members talk at each other across the room rather than through the Chair.


STEP 5: Chair asks for the affirmative votes & then the negative votes;

Common Mistake: The Chair states ‘All in favor’ and fails to instruct the members what to do with regard to voting (i.e.,’say aye’,’raise hands’, etc.); or the negative vote is never requested and counted!


STEP 6: The Chair announces the outcome of the voting, instructs members of the needed action that results and introduces the next item of business.

Common Mistake: Chair fails to state result of vote. No instructions on needed action.




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