HOA Lawsuits & Legal Discovery – Part Two

Continued from Part One Request for admissions Or a request to admit, are written statements sent from one litigating party to another litigating party to seek either … Learn More

HOA Lawsuits & Legal Discovery – Part One

Most homeowner associations (HOAs) seldom become involved in litigation other than collection-related litigation involving delinquent members. However, it is beneficial for the board of directors to have … Learn More

The “Secrets” of Executive Session? (Part Two)

Minutes must be taken in executive session if actions are taken. It is preferable for the board secretary to keep a completely different set of minutes for … Learn More

The “Secrets” of Executive Session? (Part One)

A common misconception with a few homeowner association (HOA) members is that there is something improper or something is being done improperly when the board of directors … Learn More

The ABCs of HOA Board Resolutions (Part Two)

There are typically four categories of resolutions for a homeowner association (HOA): Policy: Policy resolutions address member’s rights and duties. For example, rules for the use of … Learn More


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