The “Secrets” of Executive Session? (Part Two)

Minutes must be taken in executive session if actions are taken. It is preferable for the board secretary to keep a completely different set of minutes for … Learn More

The “Secrets” of Executive Session? (Part One)

A common misconception with a few homeowner association (HOA) members is that there is something improper or something is being done improperly when the board of directors … Learn More

Robert’s Rules Part 3 – 10 Common Mistakes

Robert’s Rules: 10 Common Mistakes This brief overview of Robert’s Rules of Order can be beneficial to new board members for understanding the basic process of how … Learn More

Robert’s Rules Part 2 – The Agenda

The Agenda – Composition of Rights & Abuses It is imperative that issues of a pertinent and important nature are the only items that should be placed … Learn More

Robert’s Rules Part 1 – The Basics

Born in Robertville, South Carolina, Brigadier General Henry Martyn Robert (5/2/1837 – 5/11/1923) was the son of a Baptist preacher. Because of his father’s opposition to slavery, … Learn More


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