Homeowner Association Proxies

Without a doubt, a small book could be written just on the utilization of proxies for a homeowner association annual meeting. On Amazon, there is a book … Learn More

HOA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – Part 2 of 2

Transcribing Minutes should be transcribed as soon as possible after the board of directors’ meeting. This improves accuracy and makes compiling the minutes much more efficient. Review … Learn More

HOA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – Part 1 of 2

The board meeting minutes are a written record of the board meeting of the homeowner association board of directors. Meeting minutes are essentially the formal summary of … Learn More

Dealing with Emotions & Conflict Resolution Strategies and Tactics While Serving on the HOA Board

One thing is for sure serving on a homeowner association (HOA) board of directors is all about working with others. Which can be a struggle in patience … Learn More


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