Be Careful What You Write Down

Issues can sometimes arise when homeowner association boards of directors implement resolutions, procedures, and rules and regulations that are in addition to what is mandated by their … Learn More

HOA Lawsuits & Legal Discovery – Part Two

Continued from Part One Request for admissions Or a request to admit, are written statements sent from one litigating party to another litigating party to seek either … Learn More

HOA Lawsuits & Legal Discovery – Part One

Most homeowner associations (HOAs) seldom become involved in litigation other than collection-related litigation involving delinquent members. However, it is beneficial for the board of directors to have … Learn More

The “Secrets” of Executive Session? (Part Two)

Minutes must be taken in executive session if actions are taken. It is preferable for the board secretary to keep a completely different set of minutes for … Learn More

The “Secrets” of Executive Session? (Part One)

A common misconception with a few homeowner association (HOA) members is that there is something improper or something is being done improperly when the board of directors … Learn More


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