The Composition of a Typical Residential Roof

HOA boards are routinely faced with roofing issues. While the above illustration is of a single-family dwelling, all roofing configurations have more similarities than differences. Similarities are found with the problems that afflict roof configuration as well.

William Douglas represents homeowner associations with almost every type of roofing configuration found in North America. The roof configuration is merely the style of construction or design of the roof, such as a flat roof or a gable roof or one of many other roof configurations.

People sometimes inadvertently intertwine roof configuration with the roofing material. Roofing materials being asphalt shingles, metal, membrane, and other materials used to cover the roof structure. While there is no standard

material used, there are certain materials that are more prevalent than others. The most common material for residential dwellings is asphalt shingles. While the most common materials for flat roofs are probably a combination of PVC, TPO, and EDDM rubber.

The source of leaks is another commonality of almost all roof configurations. Leaks can typically be traced back to failing flashing that is around roof protrusions such as chimneys and vent pipes. Areas of the roof that intersect, such as valleys and possibly seams, are also susceptible to leaks.      WDMC  

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